Zambra María la Canastera
Camino del Sacromonte, 89
Tel: 958 121 183 - Fax: 958 084 332

Meet the Zambra

Zambra The word derives from the Arabic word Zamra (flute ) or zamara (musicians ). Often cited in the literature of the XVII and XVIII with genres such as zapateado, zarabanda and fandango as own genre of the Moors of Granada

Our Artists

Our range of artists, in their majority Descendants of Mary The Canastera it up artists of our land Formed in tablaos Best of Spain and Flemish companies established artists.

Our Restaurant

Our chefs have the best ingredient, freshest and highest quality. One of the best places in the Sacromonte to enjoy a good time with family and friends. So what are you waiting for?

Events and News

Each year we organize a series of Exceptional events, Granada as dance costumes, special days flamenco in Granada or music productions and festivals. Come and have fun, you will not regret. I hope you.

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